Welcome to Greenline Construction in Marshall WI

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Kitchen remodel

Better Built, Better Future.

Greenline Construction Inc. is a full-service home builder and remodeling contractor for large and small residential building projects, from new home construction to home remodeling to simple home improvements like door and window replacements. You will realize a cleaner, greener future for your family and our planet by allowing us to put our environmentally-conscious concepts into practice on your next home improvement, building, or repair project.

Progressive Building

Being progressive can mean using new technology where appropriate, but careful planning and quality craftsmanship are still vital to the design, function, and durability of any project, all of which contribute to the efficiency and longevity of what we build.

Green Builder

We at Greenline Construction have seen a lot of homes, some that were built using the best practices of the day, and many that were carelessly built and/or remodeled, causing early system failure, and in some cases, health threatening conditions.

At Greenline, we strive to complete every project in the most effective way possible, using the best materials and the best practices that your budget will allow. Please let us guide you through your design process and recommend the design, methods, and materials that will deliver the best results for now and the future.

We're different than the rest

Wate landfill

Every year, millions of tons of waste are generated by the construction industry. Only a very small percentage of this material cannot be recycled or repurposed. Most construction waste can, in fact, be recycled; wood scraps can be processed for use in other products, such as fiber in composite materials (siding, decking, etc.), shredded for mulch or burned as a net-zero carbon fuel; all metal waste can be recycled into new metal products; even asphalt shingles can be recycled into road material or new shingles. When builders and consumers make thoughtful product and disposal choices, waste and energy consumption is reduced dramatically.

On a recent project proposal for a 1200 square foot basement remodel, we learned that a competitor told the client that, included in his bid, was the price of two 20-yard dumpsters. By contrast, we had planned to leave the job with one pickup load of "waste" consisting mostly of drywall scraps to be recycled on a local farm. Needless to say, we were shocked. It seemed to us, that if one were to take all the new material going into that basement project and put it right into the dumpsters, it wouldn't fill them up - perhaps this other contractor would have found a way to fill those dumpsters to the top with material that should have been recycled or eliminated from the building plan in the first place.

Being green doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of green! We address wasteful practices such as those above by remaining always mindful of what we use and what we throw away. It is one of the keys to sustainable living – and we do it for you for free! We can make remarkable strides toward sustainability by simply making conscious (and conscientious) choices, regardless of your building budget.

Let Greenline worry about the waste while you enjoy your new basement, kitchen, bathroom, floor, doors, windows…or whatever!

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